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Driving Lessons Stoke Newington Driving Lessons Stoke Newington Drive Times has a responsibility and that is to ensure that every aspiring driver who walks in through our doors, walk out as fully accomplished and responsible drivers. We offer a wide choice of options and choosing the best that would suit you would be your prerogative. Automatic Driving Lessons Modern cars and other vehicles are generally manufactured with automatic transmissions and learning to drive these beauties on our roads with help from the most versatile and successful Driving School would hold you in good stead. Vehicle control skills are paramount whether you drive an automatic or manual and learning them from the professionals is your best option. Because it will make you a good and safe driver for years into your future. Manual Driving Lessons Mastering the art of driving manual cars would earn you the added impetus to drive either this or the automatic, which would be an advantage if you are called upon to drive one in an emergency. Driving manual cars needs extra skills in controlling three pedals instead of one like in the automatics hence it would need extra lessons and additional skills.

Intensive Driving Course

If you have some driving experience prior to arriving in the United Kingdom or have busy working schedules then you could opt for our Intensive Driving Course which would give you flexible learning times. You will be able to complete your lessons in the shortest possible time. Motorway Lessons Safety and skill are very important criteria. If you are driving regularly on the motorway any slight error could be disastrous hence learning the better driving skills would make you a safe and skillful driver. The motorway needs drivers who would always drive within the safety limits set under the traffic ordinance and those who have not acquired the necessary skills could endanger not only their lives but that of others too.

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