How To Book Driving Lessons

How To Book Driving Lessons Watch Video

Before You Book Driving Lessons – Please Read –

We offer 2 types of the Driving lessons and Courses.

1- Weekly, or Casual Driving Lessons

2- Intensive or Crash Courses


With this option, you can have a lesson whenever you are available by giving us a few days of notice. Minimum booking is 2 hours and block booking is optional. 

It is EASY !

1- On the home page, enter your full post code to check pricing in your local area.

2- Select how many hours of lessons you wish to book by ticking the relevant boxes.

3- Proceed to the payment page.

4- On the checkout page, you will be asked if you would like to make the full payment or deposit. 

Please note- You can secure any amount of lessons by paying only £40! Paying the full balance is optional. 

If you are paying £40 this is then credited towards your first lesson(s), you will need to pay the remaining balance on the day of your first lesson.

Any problems booking driving lessons?

Then please call us on 07946418174 or send us a text message, one of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible!


With this option you will need to have the availability for at least 2 weeks depending on your previous Driving Experience. 

Once you decide we will arrange your course with one of our local instructor. 

You will be having at least 2 to 4 hours of lessons per a day.

Having too many hours of lessons can be tiring!

It is important that you arrange a 2 hours or 4 hours sessions to try first before you make a final decision or before you ask your employer for a time off. 

Your body will let you know if this is something you can cope with. If you find it tiring, you can consider semi-intensive Courses, that means you have 2 hour sessions a day maximum. This can equally work as effective as Crash courses.


You may find your first 4 hours of lessons hard but it gets easier as you get use to it. 

It is like if you have not done any running or a particular exercise for a long time, you get a stiff legs at first but if you keep practicing then your body gets use to it. Driving is the same.

What is included?

This is all INCLUSIVE types of courses. 

We book your Driving Test (we pay the booking fee of £62 to DVSA)…

We fast track your test, making sure you have a Driving Test at the end of your course.

You can hire your instructor car 🚗 for free of charge on the day of your test.


Your driving instructor 👩‍🏫 will give you 1 hour correction lesson.


Prepaid Lesson(s) must be used by you within six months unless agreed by us or your Instructor in writing. You can get a full refund of any unused lessons by giving us 48 hours of notice. 

You will not be entitle to a refund after the expiry of this period.


You must give us or your instructor at least 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel or re-arrange a driving lesson, otherwise you will be liable to pay 100% of the lesson fee.

Useful Links

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