Driving test tips

Seven simple tips for passing your next driving test

At Drive Times, we see many drivers struggle with getting involved on the roads. We know that can seem confusing, which is why we’ve put together a simple list of must-use tips. Put these to use on your next test, and you might have a better chance of coming out with that Pass you are aiming for.

Make sure you get a good sleep the night before, as being well rested beforehand is vital to success. Try and make sure that you don’t tell anyone as this will mean the pre-test nerves are amplified, adding pressure that you could really do without on such a big day.
First off, remember that you are in no immediate rush to get this done. take your time. Only take your test when you feel 100% confident that you are ready.
The most common mistakes for most people on their test is to make some very basic errors. We get it, the nerves are showing and you will make some mistakes. That’s fine, and totally normal. What you should do, though, is look to avoid things like failing to signal, failing to check your mirrors, and failing to look into blind spots before a reversal. It’s the little things that can stop you from passing as opposed to anything major. Focus on getting the basics right, though, and the rest will surely come.
Most test routes are going to be based in a local(ish) area, so it pays to get to know those routes well. Don’t try and master one particular route, though; try and balance out your road knowledge. This lets you make sure you can take the test and stay on the right track. Before test day arrives, go around the local test centre area and work out their general routes and location.
The worst thing you can do is jump headfirst into your test long before you are ready. To avoid that particular mistake, we recommend that you look to invest as much time as you can into lessons. The more time that you spend cramming with practical and theory lessons, the better you are going to be on the road when the time comes.
It’s never been more important than to have a good rapport with the instructor you choose. Given you’ll be investing plenty of time and money into their teachings, make sure you choose someone who is perfectly suited to your personality and needs. Book a single lesson, evaluate the atmosphere, and take it from there.
An instructor will dock you points if you take initiative and assume you heard correctly. Before assuming, ask the instructor to repeat what they asked you to do. This is much better than simply taking a gamble that could jeopardise the test. Keep these simple ideas in mind, and you should find it much easier to go from start to finish of your test and come out the other side with a pass. Remember, you can always book up an expert from Drive Times if you are looking for driving lessons in London. Good luck!