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Driving Lessons Winchmore Hill

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Mastering the skill of driving is not about being able to manoeuvre your vehicle from one point to another.

You need to be aware of the prevailing traffic rules and regulations, understanding the basic functionality of your vehicle to preserve your life and others.

In order to achieve all this, you would need qualified driving lessons Winchmore Hill  who can help you with your driving lessons despite your previous experience and skills.

Our Instructors

Drive Times ‘s team of instructions provide comprehensive lessons that can improve your driving.  Also let go of any inhibitions you may have about traffic and road rage. Our academy is reputed for its several number of years it has in training residents in Winchmore Hill. 
Driving can take many forms; listed below are our range of offerings for you to choose from depending on your requirements.

Automatic Driving Lessons

This involves minimal effort as the vehicle does the switching for you. However, this may take longer for one than the other and our academy does not rush anyone to complete before they are ready. We understand that there are fears and inhibitions associated with driving, and we will guide you through this without having to worry about sticking to a schedule.

Manual Driving Lessons

This is the tougher experience – but with our team, you will be gradually introduced to it. We will take you through learning to balance the clutch and go through streets without any frustration of your engine switching off or causing the vehicle to jerk in an embarrassing flop.

Intensive Course

If your job or migration documentation requires you to have your driver’s licence intact, you can accelerate this process by following our Intensive Driving Lessons Winchmore Hill. We understand that one cannot learn to drive overnight. However, the intensive course speed this process by taking you through the many hours of a crash course you will need. It may be completed in a few number of days. However, Driving Lessons Winchmore Hill will ensure that you have all the fundamentals in driving covered through this course.

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