An intensive Driving Course at Drive Times varies depending on your requirements, for example if you can already drive and just need polishing up for the test then that can be done over a few days. If you are a complete beginner then it will be more like a few hours training each day for a few weeks up to a test date.

One of our instructors would take you out and assess your ability, they would then be able to tell you what you need and you can book the course to suit your schedule.

How long can intensive driving courses take? 

This all depends on your previous experience and the speed in which you can learn. We understand that everybody is different, so one our expert instructors will access both of these elements before you fully booking your courses

10 Hours Mini Courses  



Are ideal if you have failed a test or have had intensive driving courses recently and nearing your test date.

Usually taken over 3, 4, or 5 days

10 Hours of intensive course £240

(Saving £10)

20 Hours Mini Courses



Are ideal if you have had training before but just need ‘sharpening up’ leading up to a driving test.



20 Hours of intensive course £480 (Saving £20)

30 or 40 Hours Conventional Intensive Courses


Are designed for the beginner. These are usually taken over 7 to 14 days but can spread over a 3 or 4 weeks period.

30 hours of intensive course £730 (Saving £20)

40 hours of intensive course £960 (Saving £40)

Book your Intensive Driving Course with Drive Times & Enjoy

Drive Times provide Intensive Driving Courses and are based in North London. Please check if Drive Times provide Intensive Driving Courses in your area.


For intensive driving courses price and further information please call us on 07946418174. Or simply fill out the form on the contact page and one of our helpful team will call you back within 24 hours.