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Driving Schools Barnet EN5

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Driving Schools Barnet EN5: Passing your driving test can provide you with a sense of independence and freedom.


It means that you no longer have to rely on friends and family or unreliable public transport to you to where you want to go.


If you’re keen to pass your test as quickly and as safely as possible with the help of a qualified and experienced instructor, look no further than DRIVE TIMES.

Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons from 10*


DRIVE TIMES is one of North London’s most reputable driving schools and is renowned for providing a high level of tuition at a highly affordable Driving Lessons price Barnet EN5.

Learn to Drive at your Own Pace

Whether you’re in a hurry to pass your test or you’d prefer to take things at a slower, more relaxed pace, that’s fine.


DRIVE TIMES’s friendly instructors have helped hundreds of people to pass their tests and are able to cater to your exact requirements.


It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling anxious about learning to drive either. DRIVE TIMES specialises in instructing


nervous drivers and will endeavour to put you at ease from the moment you get behind the wheel.

Nervous pupils are welcome

Many Driving Schools Barnet EN5 provide Driving Lessons but no driving Schools have a special skill teaching nervous pupils. 

Drive Times also offers Intensive driving courses in an automatic and manual car from only £199.

There are many driving schools Barnet EN5 who provide excellent lessons in both automatic and manual driving.


They help new learners with theoretical and practical assistance.


They construct a driver from complete beginner to a successful driver.

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