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Driving Lessons Palmers Green N13Driving Lessons Palmers Green N13

Driving Lessons Palmers Green N13: Learning to drive can be an exciting experience. It can set you on the path to passing your test and becoming a safe and legal driver.


However, it can also be incredibly nerve-wracking and it’s only natural if you’re feeling daunted at the prospect of getting behind the wheel for the first time.


With Drive Times you will receive driving training from a patient and friendly instructor. Our main aim is to get you to your driving test as quickly as possible whilst giving you the training you need to be an excellent driver. Your success is our success!


We provide the following services in Palmers Green N13


  • Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons
  • Intensive  Driving Courses
  • Refresher Driving Lessons
  • Pass Plus Courses
  • Motorway Lessons
  • Evening and weekend Lessons
  • One to one Tuition
  • Nervous pupils are welcome


Driving lessons can be expensive, and so it makes sense to choose a driving school that offers cost effective driving lessons at a competitive rates. DRIVE TIMES is currently offering a great deal whereby learners get their first five hourly lessons for just £120 This represents excellent value for money, but the deal won’t last forever. So get in touch Today to take advantage!


First 5 hourly (Manual ) Lessons ONLY £120



The Drive Times Driving Lessons Palmers Green N13 is one of the leading driving lessons which offer an abundant options and features for everyone. Find out below.


Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons in Palmers Green N13.


Driving Lessons in Palmers Green N13 with Drive Times include both Automatic and Manual driving- Being at par with the latest technology, you can find assistance of the Automatic driving lesson where handling the complexities are much easier then manual driving.


While in the Manual driving lesson you need to know how to learn how to co-ordinately balance the brakes, gears, accelerator and the clutch, in Automatic driving you only need to handle the accelerator and the brake.


Safety First !


With an array of course structures, Drive Times provides lessons catering to the different requirements of every everyone – the courses at Drive Times of the Driving Lessons Palmers Green N13 are to help you not only be efficient in driving but also help you get educated with the safety norms which every driver requires to know.


Furthermore, with the option of a range of courses, you can opt for the intensive course if you face a limit of time. Even if the time is shortened, the qualities of lessons are not compromised.


Our Instructors


Drive Times’ Driving Lessons Palmers Green N13 are equipped with the most trained and certified driving instructors, who cater to the needs of the students.


One of the most distinguished features which prove how Drive Times is the leading provider of Driving Lessons Palmers Green N13, is through its customer- friendly staff and professional instructors. 


Female driving instructors are availableIt is understandable and normal to feel nervous, however, the instructors have a lot of experience to help you feel comfortable and create a stress- free environment.



Furthermore, the instructors understand how to efficiently help you learn how to drive and build your confidence as you go by.


Book your lessons with Drive Times & Enjoy !


Drive Times understands any problems you may have and hears them to find the right solutions- Often beginners may prefer female instructors as it helps them feel more relaxed and easier to relate.



The Driving Lessons Palmers Green N13 provides both male and female instructors who have plenty of experience in this field. Therefore, register yourself now in the Driving Lessons in Palmers Green N13 at Drive Times and hone your driving skills in no time at all!


Call us Today to book your Driving Lessons on 07946 418174. Or simply fill out the form on the contact page and we will call you back within 24 hours.