Cheap Driving Lessons North London

Cheap Driving Lessons North London

Cheap driving lessons north London

Cheap driving lessons North London  – If you are planning to take a driving lessons in London you must be thinking about its costs.

This is the main thing that people focus on more than choosing a highly qualified driving instructor. Of course, you must think about paying the right driving lesson that asks an affordable fee.

However, at the same time, you should take consideration about the matter of choosing a trained instructor as well as intensive driving course.

Thinking about the queries and worries of some driving lesson aspirants, the article focuses on the cost of different driving lesson in the UK.


Know These Basic Things About Cheap driving lessons North London and Driving Test


If you look for a reputable driving instructor on hourly basis, you may end up paying more costs for long run.

In fact, hiring an individual instructor hourly base may keep impact on your experience of learning to drive and your overall attempt to pass the driving test.

As per the statistics of DSA or Driving Standard Agency, the most of the people nationwide take an average number of 44 hours to pass the driving test from the professional instructor.

In case of private practice, the average time is 22 hours. Usually, one out of every three candidates passes the driving test in their first attempt.


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Estimate of Overall Costs


Now, let’s keep an eye on some of the basic examples of Cheap driving lessons cost in the UK –


If you opt for hourly rate fee structure and pay £22 per hour for 44 hours, then you need to pay overall £968 along with the current test fee of £62.

That means you will have to pay a total of £1030 if you successfully clear the test at first attempt.


For the second attempt, you may require some more hours for tuition (say 4 hours more) and pay £62 again for the test fee.

Thus you need to pay an extra £150 and the total cost of passing the driving test in second attempt will be £1180.

The cost of driving lesson definitely varies from one location to another location. Even you may get a good instructor at a lower cost than the certified driving schools.

But if you only look for the cheapest driving lesson without considering anything else, then you must read on the next example!


You find out a driving instructor who is ready to teach you driving lesson as lower price as £18 per hour.

Suddenly you find that the way the instructor teach you, seems too hard to follow for you.

The reason can be various such as he does not monitor the progress, his design of the lesson does not suit your needs and ability or he cannot make you feel at ease.

In such case, you may need 60-80 hours approximately to reach to the driving text standard.

That’s means for a 60-hour Cheap Driving Lessons London along with £62 driving test fee, you have to pay a total £1142 if you can pass on the first attempt.


What can Wikipedia tell you about “UK Drivin Test” here you can read the Wikipedia Article


The Bottom Line of Cheap Driving Lessons North London


After knowing the scenario, it is advisable to opt for an experienced driving instructor or choose the right

Cheap driving lessons London without much thinking about the hourly-base payment.

Rather you should focus on a driving lesson that is compatible to your level and that helps you to pass the driving test at first attempt.

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